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Patterned Linen

Patterned Linen

Have you ever thought that vintage, modern and elegant โ€“ LINEN, is the oldest natural fabric, which prehistory reaches Neolithic days. Through the years, linen fiber grew as sophistication and elegance icon, while its comfort and quality stayed the same.
Each GRIZAS collection approaches linen with new twist of innovation and grace. Our latest, trended checkered pattern designs will invoke our clientsโ€™ chic and earthy beauty.

  • Linda Chapman
    May 29, 2017

    I just bought one of your dresses with a jacket in the patterned linen and love the feel when I wear it. Could you please advise me if you have used pre-washed fabric in making these garments. I have never owned linen before and after some research have learned they may shrink 3% on the first wash (in cold or luke warm water). Do you have any advise to prevent this as they fit perfectly right now.
    Thanks again for such a wonder outfit.

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