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We are here to provide highest quality, great design and customers’ satisfaction. We want women, wearing GRIZAS clothes to feel charming and unique.

Through the years, we managed to achieve high customers’ satisfaction, all over the world. Company is proud to hear that women wearing GRIZAS clothes feel special and beautiful.

Our designers’ team works hard, to offer two NEW collections every year.  GRIZAS, spring/summer and fall/winter, seasonal collections, each time surprises with unique styles and colors.

GRIZAS goal is to make each customer happy; therefore, we are willing to re-create your favorite outfit from the previous seasons.


GRIZAS brand started more than 20 years ago, when the idea of the natural fabric clothes began to grow. After the long research, company’s owner came to the conclusion that there were limited amount of manufacturers that would offer women the opportunity to express their selves in natural, but exclusive style.

In time, GRIZAS brand earned customers trust and appreciation, and became globally known company.   Today, many people around the world, fallen in love with GRIZAS natural products and its loyal customers are speeded all over the world – Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.


There are many reasons, which make natural fabrics stand out from others. NATURAL – is eco-friendly, durable and comfortable. Moreover, it provides a healthier lifestyle. GRIZAS, works with linen, silk, wool and cotton. Clothes from, these fibers combinations, helps to highlight women natural beauty and evoke their freedom.

LINEN – Material made from the fibers of flax plant.

Advantages: breathable, absorbent, durable, withstands high heat, lint free.

SILK – Natural protein fiber.

Advantages: soft, strong, absorbent, hypoallergenic, easily washed.

WOOL – Textile fiber obtained from sheep and other animals.

Advantages: insulation, warm, absorbent, durable, recyclable.

COTTON – Soft and fluffy staple fiber, which is almost pure cellulose. Today cotton is the most used world’s fiber.

Advantages: moisture control, waterproof, absorbent, insulation, hypoallergenic.