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Delivery and payment


Usually items are being dispatched within 1-2 workings days from the payment date. However there are particular items which we need to produce, therefore they are dispatced within 3-4 working days. All items are being sent via Courier Service (DPD, USP, TNT). It ensures customer ability to track where his/her goods are being from their dispatch from our office to the safe arrival right to his/her hands. Delivery time is approximate, but the purchase should reach you within 3-7 working days. We dispatch items Mon-Fri 9am-4pm as all services can only be used between these days.


Shipping charge. Shipping charge is a flat fee. Shipping charges differs for private customers and business customers. Please look at the table below for more details:

9.90 EUR
(+2.00 EUR EAI)
19.90 EUR
(+2.00 EUR EAI)
29.90 EUR 39.90 EUR

Please note, that every additional item (EAI) costs +2.00 EUR

Please note for deliveries to non-EU countries (for example Russia, Switzerland), ex. Canada, USA, that the recipient may be charged import and customs duties. These fees can unfortunately not be refunded.

Customs fee. Customs fee is calculated only for Business Customers (Retailers) from USA and Canada. Please look at the table below for details:

USA Canada The Rest
no Subtotal Sum + 25% Subtotal Sum + 30% no


If you are a business Customer (Retailer). Once you register your account into our e-shop and we recognize you as our sustained business customer we will provide you a Retailer status. If you are a new business customer do not hesitate to contact us with a Retailer status request.



We accept few methods of payment. You can pay by a Credit card  via PayPal or via Bank Transfer.

These kinds of payment transactions are secure and reliable.

Credit card payment by BrainTree.  You can make a payment using most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

PayPal Payment. Buy online without sharing your financial information. PayPal is popular and secure method of payment. We suggest you this method because it is quick, secure and effective. You only need to have an account in PayPal system.

Bank Transfer. If You do choose this kind of payment banking details will be given on the invoice.

Your items will be dispatched only at the time when the complete payment has been processed.

The payment has to be done in 2 weeks after placing the order. If not, the order will be canceled.