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GRIZAS is an international women’s fashion brand that designs and manufactures high quality natural clothing in unique style.

GRIZAS designs feature sophisticated, but comfortable clothes with an artistic touch that are stylish and unique. Our aim is to give you the confidence in your clothes and inspire you to feel free and exceptional.

We believe that the best way to express your inner self and evoke your freedom is through natural clothing. Therefore in GRIZAS we focus on our own natural healthy materials that evoke the beauty of women at their best.

Comfortable fits, contrasting free and asymmetric shapes and calm colour scheme characterise GRIZAS style. The image is clean and independent, but distinguishes by exclusive prints and textures. The design is contemporary, but doesn’t go out of style with years.


The idea of creating natural clothes was born 25 years ago, when the demand for healthy fabrics was not just a trend, but a true necessity. Our concern was that natural clothes were not widely available and women had no choice but wear synthetics. We set a goal to make clothes that we would love ourselves: made from high quality materials, but sophisticated and contemporary with a twist. Having to choose quality over quantity for ourselves, we strived in wanting every woman to be able to wear unique pieces from best materials and feel connection with clothes from the first touch.

When we started designing clothes, we would do everything by our own hands. We were so passionate about this idea that our apparent happiness when wearing GRIZAS was the best advertising. Today the message about authentic natural wear has spread over the world and the brand has widely expanded.



GRIZAS is proud to have experienced designer team with the talented art director Aura who passionately develops the brand’s artistic vision.

Aura’s interest in fashion started since she was a little girl. Her childhood’s enjoyment of dressing dolls has grown into the serious world of art with four years of fashion design studies, six years of architecture studies and broad experience in interior design. It expanded Aura’s boundaries and understanding about pure art, fashion and style. Beauty, construction, impression, adventure and practice has been leading every step of designer’s life, and fashion has always been inseparable part of it.

Aura returned to fashion unexpectedly, after 15 years of intensive work in architecture and interior design. Her desire to expand the scope of opportunities and the childhood’s dream brought Aura to the twisting fashion carousel.

,,GRIZAS fashion brand’s philosophy and ambitions gave me the opportunity to return to the world of pure art: painting, graphics and drawing. Nothing can be more wonderful than the dialog of the pencil’s touch and dye placed on fabric. Fashion gives me the opportunity to continue the conversation with consumer through construction, drawing, texture and drapery.’’


We are an international globally known company with 200 experienced professionals who work on all aspects of manufacturing, including creating our own natural materials, hand-made prints, knitting and dyeing.

We are proud to be able to carry all manufacturing processes under one roof and take responsibility in our own hands. Our clothes are ecologic, sustainable, and with the limited edition collections we encourage conscious buying instead of wasting.

We have achieved high customer satisfaction collaborating with clients and partners all over the world. Based in the UK, currently we have over 400 retail spots in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, as well as online store.



NATURAL fabrics are eco-friendly, durable and comfortable, and provide a healthier lifestyle. GRIZAS clothes are made from linen, silk, wool and cotton. The combinations of these fibers help to highlight women’s natural beauty.

LINEN – material made from the fibers of flax plant. It is breathable, absorbent, durable, withstands high heat and is lint free.

SILK – natural protein fiber. It is soft, strong, absorbent, hypoallergenic and easily washed.

WOOL – fiber obtained from sheep and other animals. It is warm, absorbent, durable, recyclable and great insulator.

COTTON – soft and fluffy staple fiber, which is almost pure cellulose. It is waterproof, absorbent, hypoallergenic, has great moisture control and insulation.